Happy New Year!

It was so wonderful to be back live with you today, Monday 4th January, after a restful Christmas and New Year – I’ve really missed our live Me, Me Mondays.  What a wonderful opportunity for us to catch up and launch so many lovely events and projects – thank you for joining me! During the live I mentioned lots of information about the launch of our new  Sewn with Scraps – Issue 6 – Kitchen  organised projects and the release of our PDF patterns, subscription options and showed you how to make super, easy, fast bowl cover. Below you will find full details and ways you can order your copy of the patterns.

The Make

During the live, I demonstrated how to make a super fast and easy bowl cover. To make the bowl I used a circle 1” bigger than the circumference of our breakfast bowls.
This is one of the projects that featured in the release of Sewn with Scraps – Issue 6 – Kitchen Organised. For this particular pattern, I take you through the stages of not only how to use the template provided but also how to make your own templates for your personal bowl and casserole dish covers.
There are a few ways to get your hands on the new patterns and throughout the year we will bring you more options of how to receive Living In Loveliness patterns which will be available as booklets with templates or on PDF download or via email.
The first option – perfect if you love the thought of receiving three new patterns each month, you can sign up to our monthly Sewn with Scraps subscription which comes in two options: £5 a month when receiving the PDF versions and £10 plus P&P when receiving in booklet form posted directly to you. Full details for both options can be found here. The additional benefits of being a Sewn with Scraps subscription member are a) becoming a VIP member of our Facebook group with monthly live sales with member super savings and being the first to see the launch of the three new projects each month and b) a Living in Loveliness website members area with a pre-recorded tutorial for one of the projects from each issue and with discount on website products and fabric.
The second option is to purchase the PDF downloads which are now available for the individual patterns or for the full booklets through the website – each option is listed and linked to the website below – lots more to follow in 2021. If you prefer a paper copy posted, they can be also ordered through the website.  When choosing the PDF option please allow 48 working hours for the authorisation of  you patterns to land in your emails. 

Sewn with Scraps – Issue 6 – Kitchen Organised 

All three patterns : Hilary – Hegagon stacking bowls, Kerrie – Kitchen wall hanging and Claire – bowl cover. Full colour PDF and templates or full colour booklet and printed templates posted, click here to see full details  and order your copy 

Hilary  – Hexagon stacking trays  – PDF  or full colour booklet or printed templates posted, click here to see full details  and order your copy 

Kerrie – Kitchen wall hanging  – PDF  or full colour booklet or printed templates posted, click here to see full details  and order your copy 

Claire – Bowl cover   – PDF  or full colour booklet or printed templates posted, click here to see full details  and order your copy 


The  third option is to order them live with us during our weekly Me, me Monday event. To watch this live event pop by our facebook page and check out the events section for full details. When ordering during our live events a PDF version will be emailed to you within 48 working hours of receiving your payment.
The collections I used for the tutorial can be found on our website and can be found by clicking on the products below:
Other items that feature across the three projects are also listed below.
If you would like to order any of the fabrics and collections you can simply click on the highlighted links.
To make the project that I made during the live you will need:
Why not take full advantage of the discounted offers on our ‘go live’ events? To do this all you need to do is watch the live back here and send an email with your order to craig@livinginloveliness.com and we will then invoice you directly. Please ensure you send your postal address if you’re new to ordering through ‘Living In Loveliness’. You can take advantage of the #mememonday savings and prices quoted on the ‘live’ when ordering before 12noon on Wednesday 11th November – we will honour all discounts mentioned on the live which you can watch here.
Please note, our invoices are only sent out once a week on a Wednesday unless otherwise stated on our ‘MeMeMonday’ event.  We will then dispatch your orders on either the Friday or Saturday after payment is received. If you’re too excited to wait, please order through the links above. Any orders after this date will need to be ordered through the links on the website.

Lockdown Ladybird Lives

During the live, I mentioned the giveaways from our ‘Lockdown Ladybird Live’ events from December. Unfortunately, due to having three children all at home remote learning, I’m a tad behind with posting this blog.
On our ‘Lockdown Ladybird Live’ on December 13th we were very fortunate to be able to welcome the fantastic Sharron Belcher from Bosal who showed us how to make the gorgeous jelly roll mat. The live from this event can be re-watched here.  The blog with full details can be found here
To give everyone who wants to the chance to take part in our giveaway, simply re-watch the live, sew your mats and then post your photos on the pinned post right at the top on the ‘Living in Loveliness’ Facebook page. I will then choose a winner live during our ‘Me, Me Monday’ event on Monday 18th January.
I will announce our winner of the cork bag on Monday 18th January during the live ‘Me, Me Monday’ event.
Lots of love 
Kerrie  and Craig