Hello! Firstly, thank you for joining the group Sewing for our NHS. With over 1300 members in the group, I’m sure you’ll understand that being a Mum to three and running a sewing business from home, it can become somewhat difficult to respond to you all individually. Please don’t be offended if I don’t but please know I’m doing my best for you. We have, as a group, worked incredibly hard around the clock since launching on 1st April. For ten days we have been endeavouring to locate coordinators and tag them for you in the announcements section of the Facebook page.

With the same requests on many posts coming in, I thought it would be helpful to answer all the questions here. To make it easy for us all and reduce the amount of time we spend responding to similar questions, each link you click will return you to the page or to YouTube for tutorials. This also will allow me more time to record tutorials for you or to sew for the hospitals and requests being added to the page.

Who is my coordinator?

Please visit the Announcement section at the top of the page here and click on this photo to find your coordinator. Click onto the coordinators name to message them directly.

What can I do if there isn’t a coordinator in my area?

  • Look for the closest Coordinator or choose anyone off the list as we are all working hard to distribute uniform bags to frontline keyworkers and our NHS or to those requesting them.
  • Become a coordinator for yourself. To do this you need to join the coordinators group and tag Kerrie Mrp to be named on the page. Being a coordinator requires you to personally make contact with hospitals and frontline keyworkers and to ask in your local area for volunteers. Please ensure you are able to collect donations or pass on your postal address for donations to be sent directly to you. You will then be responsible for passing donations to the hospitals or frontline keyworkers. You will personally need to organise these whilst adhering to safe distancing rules.

What size are the bags?

  • 9.5” x 18” Small (standard size requested)
  • 20” x 20” Medium
  • 25” x 25” Large – the perfect size for Ambulance service

How do I sew the bags?

Please visit YouTube and watch the tutorial here

Who needs bags?

Please visit the coordinators section of the Facebook page here to link up with a coordinator or look out for requests on the page. Respond to requests with the person who is asking and arrange delivery between yourselves.

How do I sew the headbands using a template

Please see the YouTube tutorial here

You can download the FREE PDF pattern here

How do I sew headbands without a pattern 

Sewn with love by Fran Perkins

watch the tutorial here

How do I sew stretchy headbands?

Sewn with love by Bridget Clarke

  • No pattern is needed for the stretchy fabric version
  • You will need a piece for stretch fabric 6″ x 22″ (not 3″ x 22″ like the tutorials says-apologies about any confusion). – see the tutorial here

How to sew Ear savers pattern and template can be downloaded here

How do I sew ear savers? 

You can download the pattern here 

You will need 1 5.5″ x 4″ piece of fabric and two buttons approximately a 2pence size


I want to help but have no fabric

I have been collecting donations and can post out to you, i just ask you cover the myherms fees. You can order here 

I need buttons, where can I get the for FREE? 

You can ask on your local facebook page as I did, I have been collecting donations and can post out to you, I just ask you cover the Royal Mail fees. You can order here 

I need elastic 

I have now exhausted my stash and have linked with a supplier who can post to you directly. You can order here

Where can I download a scrubs pattern? 

Please note we have a small group sewing for hospitals and aren’t currently working with anyone outside the group due to limited resources. Please contact your local coordinator, hospital or keyworkers and ask if they need your support. You can download a pattern here that has been tried and tested and is recommended by the group. We will keep you posted if anything changes.

Where can I send my donations?

Please visit the Coordinators section of the Facebook page here and choose one of our volunteer coordinators. You can then arrange to have your donation collected, drop your donation off or be given an address to post your donations to.

Thank you so much for all your support

Lots of love