Quilted Bear Magnetic Pin and Needle Dish – Yellow


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Quilted Bear Magnetic Pin and Needle Dish – Yellow

  • The Quilted Bear’s magnetic sewing pin holder is the perfect sewing accessory to help you keep your sewing a dressmaking table tidy and safe from the sharp points of pins and needles.
  • Every magnetic pin dish lives and dies by its magnet strength; this dish is no exception. The extra strong magnet pin holder allows you to simply wave the magnetic dish over a pile of pins to easily pick them up off the table and onto the holder.
  • Sleek oval shape contours with the curve of your hand for comfort of use when using the magnetic tray. Unlike a traditional pin cushion it fits in the centre of the majority of Bobbin Ring Holders, especially with our custom built Quilted Bear Bobbin Holder.
  • Lost a pin? Simply hover the magnetic pin holder over the area and watch it come back to you! The strong magnet won’t let them get away and keeps them safely attached during normal use.
  • We know our crafters have a flair for aesthetics so we offer our magnetic pin cushion in three different colours! Match the needle pin cushion to your sewing accessories or your room décor

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