Quilted Bear Ergonomic 45mm Soft Grip Rotary Cutter & Rotary Blade Sharpener Set


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Product Description

Quilted Bear Ergonomic 45mm Soft Grip Rotary Cutter
  • Quilted Bear rotary cutter is guaranteed for 2 years (just replace blade).
  • Clever ergonomic design allows for right or left handed use.
  • Easily cuts paper, thick layers of fabric, cardboard and much more.
  • Soft grip handle preventing discomfort and fatigue.
  • Ideal for all projects and hobbies including quilting, sewing and paper craft.
Quilted Bear Premium Universal Rotary Blade Sharpener for 28mm & 45mm Blades
  • The Quilted Bear bring you their new Rotary Blade Sharpener.
  • Constantly replacing blades is both costly and time consuming.
  • Easily restore blades to perfect working order.
  • Magnetic stick provides safe blade handling.
  • Works with both 45mm & 28mm straight blades.


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