Hello Lovelies, 

There are some people who make this world so beautiful simply by being in it!!! This can certainly be said about the wonderful Lizzy Curtis . Lizzy got in touch with us to offer her kind wishes after the break-in at our business premises. Then, a few days after chatting, she invited me to join her for an evening of love and laughter in the form of a ‘live’ on the Lizzy Curtis Facebook page. How wonderful that other creatives are there to share their kindness and support when sometimes that’s just what we need. 

During my call with Lizzy, we discussed all the lovely things we do at ‘Living In Loveliness’, all of which you can see on the ‘live’ over on Lizzy Curtis page here. 

Discount Code

Before we go any further, we have a lovely 10% discount code to celebrate our evening of love and laughter. Simply type in LovelyLiz when checking out to redeem the 10% discount. This code is live until midnight on Sunday 17th April 2022. (Easter Sunday)

My top five notions that I just wouldn’t be without:

Rotating Cutting Mat 

And most recently,

Kits and Patterns

Then we got talking about kits – this is definitely where our love lies! Right from choosing the fabrics for new projects along with the ribbons, trims and embellishments, it gives us great pleasure working out what patterns and kits to create.


           We have produced 100s of patterns and kits over the years, so deciding on which ones to show was difficult. Finally, after much deliberation, we went with our latest kit ‘The Pattern Folder’ and the ‘Fabric Wreath Kit’ which has always been an amazing top seller for us. Our best seller at the exhibitions and shows has been the ‘Thread Catcher’ which originally featured in ‘Fabulously Fast Fat Quarter Fun – Issue 7 – Sew ready to Sew’.

Back in January 2022 we created several kit options for Sewing Street and even had two private workshops on Facebook. When buying the kit or pattern you receive a QR code on the welcome letter and you simply need to request to join the Facebook group to watch the live pre-recorded tutorials.

Finally, I choose the fabric brooch which again featured on Sewing Street in March in Jubilee colours. This is a really simple hand sewing pattern, perfect for gifting or for making for yourself. 



Next we’ll chat about our sewing subscriptions. Currently, we have two sewing subscriptions running: the first one which launched in January 2022 is our ‘Sew Happy Sewing Subscription’. This was launched after we ended the ‘Fabulously Fast Fat Quarter Fun Sewing Subscription’ on issue 22 in January 2022. We listened to the feedback about the kits we produce and took on board that members wanted a subscription where they receive everything they need to make the project and a pre-recorded tutorial. Each month we choose a theme and design a project around that. January was all about ‘Me Time’ so we designed the ‘Grace Cosmetic Bag’ with plenty of pockets for your make up brushes or sewing supplies. For February, ‘the month of love’, we designed a quilt-as-you-go patchwork heart cushion ‘Amelia’ , In March, we had a beautiful vase with free-motioned daffodils. April’s subscription will be launched on Tuesday 12th, so why not pop by and click to attend the live Facebook event here. 


Our second subscription is the new (launched Thursday 7th April) ‘Liberty Love’ subscription. This is for those of you who just like me, love Liberty Fabrics and enjoy parcels of gorgeousness being delivered to your door. You can find the full details here. 

Charity Sewing

Finally, during our much-loved live with our lovely Lizzy, we talked about Charity sewing. This is very close to my heart and ever since I set up ‘Living In Loveliness’ we have always run charity sewing days and events. We have supported many charities including Royal British Legion, Linus, Project Give, Cancer Research, local hospitals and hospices and most recently, our NHS where we have established a fabulous group throughout the country to sew headbands, scrubs and wash bags. Our chosen charity for 2022 is ‘The Buddy Bag Foundation’. Just last week Karen, the Founder, got in touch to ask if I could create a PDF and round up sewing volunteers to help make Resource Bags for the Tool Kits the support workers need to support Ukrainian families in the UK. We have a dedicated Facebook Group for the Buddy Bag Sewing with Living In Loveliness which you can find here. We’d love your support you can download a copy of the PDF here. 

Thank You

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our lovely Lizzy Curtis for the kind and thoughtful invitation and her generosity in allowing me to join you all.  I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Lots of love