ubilee Crowned With Love Quilt Kit and Pattern (Exclusive to Sewing Street)


Hello Lovelies,

I’d like to start by saying we’re SO SORRY!
Last weekend I had a lovely afternoon cutting the fabric ready to sew my aunt the ‘Crowned with Love’ quilt as, after a chat with a lovely lady who’d brought the kit, I felt inspired to make this beautiful quilt again. However, my heart sank when I was cutting the fabric as I realised there was an error on our part and noticed that the required amount of Fabric 4 says ¼ metre when in fact you need 1/2 metre. I was gutted as I didn’t cut the kits on this occasion and so I had missed the opportunity to spot my mistake. For this I can only apologise and send out the extra fabric needed and an updated cutting guide and fabric requirements list and hope that this goes some way towards rectifying our mistake.

As this kit colour way was exclusive to Sewing Street, I contacted Sewing Street on Monday morning to update them on my mistake. I then ordered the extra fabric needed and was ready to send you the missing fabric and updated instructions list on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we seem to have had a few delivery delays and are still
awaiting the delivery of the fabric which has now been scheduled for Saturday. (Please see the trail of messages and updates with our supplier.) As soon as we return to work after the bank holiday weekend, we will cut and send out the additional 1/4 metre of Liberty Wiltshire Shadow fabric and the updated cutting and fabric requirements list.

I feel totally gutted about my error and wish I could turn back the clock so that I could pick up the mistake before the ‘Crowned with Love’ quilt aired and sold out.
Please accept my apologies for any hold up and frustration caused. We are doing our best to rectify our mistake and appreciate your kind understanding in this matter.
If you have any queries regarding this, please email me directly kerrie@livinginloveliness.com and I will respond individually.

Lots of love as always,


Queens Platinum J


To Celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee we are launching a new Quilt Kit which is completely exclusive to Sewing Street.

This collection will be aired on Sewing Street on Tuesday 22nd March 2022.

There is a very limited quantity to the Crowned With Love Quilt Kit. If you would like to get this one off kit or Pattern then you can buy it here.

Lots of love