Its been five years since I launched my sewing workshops. My first beginners’ class was on 10th March 2014. I was so excited that it was a fully booked class and I’m still as excited with every workshop I plan and run. I’ve had an amazing journey meeting the most wonderful people. Thank you to everyone who follows, supports and attends my classes, I appreciate you.

I am happiest when I’m sharing my passion for crafting and sewing. I love it when I get ideas for a new project for a workshop. My aim moving forward is to write patterns and share tutorials with you. This actually scares me! The thought of being on camera is massively out of my comfort zone. However, after two years of talking about it, I’ve been recording in the back ground and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Being a Mum and Wife is my favourite job. I love playing, teasing and looking after my three beautiful children and Mr P. I was looking forward to celebrating Mothers Day with my family this weekend. I was  told to expect adventure – how exciting!

I’d ticked off all my business to do tasks except two. I really thought I was going to be ready for the next step! But i’m NOT! I thought I’d got it all planned and then my awesome Mr P took me by surprise today. I wasn’t told where we were going-just told not to wear a skirt and have a little nerve! Mr P had booked the low ropes, the high ropes and zip wire. He made a yummy picnic and we’ve had an awesome day. I still thought, I’ll still get this pattern out today, i’ll be able to pull it off. Then I came home to gifts, wine and more family fun. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED TODAY!

So this would have been the next step but after being swept off my feet I’m super sorry-I’m not ready! However I have a new plan…………..

On Wednesday 3rd April the first 15 people to visit the website and order my super cute ‘Bunting Love’  kit will receive it free (postage fees apply). Once the first 15  kits have gone, for a limited time the kit will be £2 plus postage and packaging. Please note: this is a limited time offer and my ‘Bunting Love’ kit will then increase to its normal price of £4.90 plus postage and packaging.

But it doesn’t end there! If you’re like me and have a small … ok, LARGE … stash of super cute fabrics and don’t need the kit you can visit to see the full step by step tutorial (again thiswill be live Wednesday 3rd April).

I’d love to hear your feedback and see your super cute bunting. Why not pop by my facebook or Instagram and leave me a photo?

Lost of Love