It goes to show how wonderful people are when you ask for help! I emailed the lovely Maureen at Asda Wolverhampton Tuesday of this week and asked for a donation of sanitary towels for Saturday’s charity sewing for Project Give . Maureen replied almost instantly and said she’d be happy to help. I then realised I didn’t have time to collect. I put a post on Facebook asking if anyone could go to Asda for me and the fabulous Verity offered to go.

Today Verity collected the donation and got her awesome boys Joe, Henry and Jasper to make a tower and take a photo for the blog. Thank you boys-you’re brilliant photographers.

Asda Wolverhampton, I think you’re awesome thank you for your fantastic donation 😘😘😘

Maybe your business can support my business to support local charities, with the help of awesome local ladies and gentlemen?

If you’d like more information I’d love to hear from you.

Kerrie: 07595960535